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November 2019

The story of Biomechanic Labs’ 2-Step Pain Relief Kit begins in late 2019. Originally developed as a pain reliever and connective tissue strengthener for rock climbers, this product evolved over nearly three years of analyzing and correlating data from hundreds of studies sourced from PubMed and NCBI—the top two resources used by doctors and universities nationwide.

Our innovative rock climbing product offered unprecedented benefits for climbers’ hands and joints. Designed to penetrate the thick skin of rock climbers, it provided six core benefits, including the elimination of the painful burning sensation caused by hours of intense friction from climbing. That burning feeling is a type of inflammatory pain of the skin.

Because of the product’s advertised anti-inflammatory properties, a person from my dad’s work has a husband with arthritis and decided to take it home and have them try it. Remarkably, their immobile hands regained movement. This unexpected success led to further discoveries that our product works on a wide variety of pains, such as sciatica, post-surgery pain, nerve pain like neuropathy and fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, bursitis, tendonitis, sprains, deteriorating discs, and more.


Present Day

Fast forward to present day and Biomechanic Labs is truly changing the way that people live their lives.  Our product has been used by board certified medical doctors, many licensed nurses, licensed chiropractors, physical therapists,  and even a retired NBA professional, Darrell Walker.

Dr. Elizabeth Rivas, MD, Pediatrician A few years ago, I injured my right knee, specifically The pes anserinus, also known as the anserine tendon. Doctors said I needed surgery, but I wasn’t thrilled about that. My daughter kept pushing me to try the Biomechanic Labs 2-Step Pain Relief Kit™, so I finally gave in. Best. Decision. Ever. Now, I barely feel any pain, and when I do, I apply both steps and then it disappears almost immediately and lasts for a day. This kit has been a total game-changer for me. Highly recommend!”

Every weekend, we take raw videos of strangers from several local farmers markets who have high to extreme levels of pain, to show the world with video proof that we really do take people from high levels of pain – 8,9,10/10 in pain to 0-1/10 by using a combination of creativity and sound medical science.  If you’d like to learn more, visit the science behind Biomechanic Labs 2-Step Pain Relief Kit where we go more in-depth on the science involved and and provide a minimum of 3 independent medical journals from the National Center of Biotechnology Information for each claim. Currently, we provide a total of 96 medical journal citations on that page.


We Give Back

  A Legacy of Love


Because of the fortuitous series of events that led to the discovery of this amazing pain relief product, we feel that, as a company we should pay it forward.  And so, every month, we donate 12% of our monthly net earnings to charities such as Compassion NWA and Hope for the City.