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Our Goal to Build A Legacy of Love


Because of the fortuitous series of events that led to the discovery of this amazing pain relief product, we feel that, as a company we should pay it forward.  And so, every month, we donate 12% of our monthly net earnings to charities such as Compassion NWA and Hope for the City.


   November 2019

The story of how Biomechanic Labs 2-Step Pain Relief  Kit came into existence starts back in late 2019. What started out as a rock climbing product had taken over the course of almost three years of analyzing and correlating data from hundreds of individual studies from PubMed and NCBI – the top two resources used by doctors and universities nationwide.


This rock climbing product did a variety of things for rock climbers hands and joints that hasn’t been done before. The product was designed to penetrate through the thick skinned hands that rock climbers have to provide 6 core benefits one of which is eliminating that burning feeling climbers get from hours of abusing their hands while rock climbing.


That burning feeling is caused by inflammation in the skin.  Because of the product advertising anti-inflammatory properties, a person with arthritis tried our rock climbing product and their hands went from not moving to moving.  They now use it in their daily arthritis treatment routine.


Present Day

Fast forward to present day and Biomechanic Labs is not only making waves in the arhtirtis pain relief market, but also generously giving to others in our community, helping our customers live a better quality of life, and more freedom in their day-to-day activities.