Innovative Natural Pain Relief: Unique Formula Takes Pain from 8, 9, or 10 to 0

Bigger isn’t always better. This grassroots company takes raw video footage from strangers we met at the local farmers markets.  The results are unprecedented. If you would like to see more, view our YouTube Channel


Some of the medical professionals that use our product and their opinion on what our product does for them.

Dr. Elizabeth Rivas M.D. Board Certified:

A few years ago, I injured my right knee, specifically The pes anserinus, also known as the anserine tendon. Doctors said I needed surgery, but I wasn’t thrilled about that. My daughter kept pushing me to try the Biomechanic Labs 2-Step Pain Relief Kit™, so I finally gave in. Best. Decision. Ever. Now, I barely feel any pain, and when I do, I apply both steps and then it disappears almost immediately and lasts for a day. This kit has been a total game-changer for me. Highly recommend!”

Jacob Coony Licensed RN Specializing in CVICU:

“I use this topical for inflammatory pain relief induced from my ultra-marathon training. Within minutes of application, it provides soothing relief, reducing discomfort and swelling effectively.  It’s a must-have for anyone looking for quick and long lasting relief.”


If you have a condition not mentioned, contact us and ask.

Nerve Pain

Neuropathy, fibromyalgia, sciatica, migraines and headaches.

Tendon, Meniscus, and Joint Pain

Torn ligaments, torn meniscus, sprains, inflammation associated with a recent surgery, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tenis elbow, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, buldging disk, degenerative disk, slipped disk, and more.

biomechanic labs 2-step pain relief kit works on arthritis pain and muscle pain

Arthritis and Muscle Pain

Rhuematoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, juvenile arthritis, mild to moderate osteoarthritis, lupus, sore muscles from exercise, general muscle soreness.


Clinical data: Biomechanic Labs 2-Step Pain Relief is the most penetrating topical ever made and it will reach the very center of knee, shoulder and hip; however, it will always take between 6-10 minutes to reach those areas depending on the size of the individual.

100% Natural, Clinically Proven Active Ingredients

How These Active Ingredients Work Together

The unique application process exclusive to Biomechanic Labs increases absorption and circulation by 8-24x, further enhancing the overall treatment effectiveness.

Multiple active ingredients targeting pain and inflammation through 27 unique pathways enhances treatment effectiveness by:

• Addressing the complexity of pain and inflammation at various stages.

• Amplifying overall efficacy through synergistic effects.

• Reducing resistance development, ensuring long-term effectiveness.

• Providing broad-spectrum efficacy across different pain types and sources.

• Minimizing side effects with lower dosages for each ingredient.

• Offering both immediate symptom relief and long-term benefits.

• Employing complementary mechanisms for improved management.


Powerful, multi-action complex: pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating, long lasting.


  • Used by doctors, licensed nurses, physical therapists & retired NBA champion, Darrell Walker.
  • Lasts 3.5-72 hours – many feel relief all day.
  • 8-24x greater absorption and dramatic increase in circulation – deepest penetrating topical will reach center of hip, knee, and shoulder.
  • 9 natural clinically proven active ingredients relieving a huge variety of different pains and inflammations through 27 different pathways.

†Based on actual MEDLINE Medical Study Published on The National Center of Biotechnology Information | Lee WR;Tsai RY;Fang CL;Liu CJ;Hu CH;Fang JY; PMID: 16918563

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Biomechanic Labs is backed by over 850 medical journals from the National Center of Biotechnology Information – the same resource used by board certified medical doctors nationwide.  With our unique, and powerful approach increases absorption and circulation 8-24x, combined with 9 active ingredients that attack pain and inflammation in a total of 27 unique pathways. Patent-pending US 63/344,863.


Darrell Walker

Darrell Walker

Retired NBA Champion

Over a ten-year career, Darrell Walker played for five teams—the Knicks, the Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, the Washington Bullets, and Denver Nuggets. He is currently head men’s coach at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. 

Cate H.

Cate H.

5/10 in pain to 1/10

I’ve been struggling with lower back pain from over-working and traditional pain meds were not helping much.  This product was easy to use and provided the relief I was looking for.

Bill L.

Bill L.

8/10 in pain to 1/10

I was diagnosed with arthritis back in 2020.  The severety of it made it very difficult to move my hands and do simple daily tasks.  I use the 2-Step Pain Relief Kit in the morning and my hands move without a problem.

Michelle J.

Michelle J.

7/10 in pain to a 0/10

I used this product to help with a shoulder injury I got while working on my house.  Its been working great in reducing the pain. It works very quickly and lasts the whole day. Highly recommended!



 We are backed by over 850 medical journals from the National Center of Biotechnology Information.  With over 1,750 individuals who participated in our clinical trial with amazing results.  Our goal was to create something natural that would be just as strong, if not stronger at relieving pain/inflammation than manmade, highly expensive, and potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals.  

Unique approach

A lot of things need to happen all at once to take an 8/10 in pain to a 0 naturally. We take several unique approaches to deliver relief in ways never done before.  Our exclusive exfoliation technique increases absorption and circulation drastically. Additionally, we use 9 specially chosen active ingredients instead of just the typical 1 active ingredient.  These masterfully selected 9 ingredients work synergistically to relieve pain and inflammation through  a whopping 27 unique mechanisms.  


We are  a grassroots company that cares.  All 9 of our active ingredients are all-natural with 8 out of 9 active ingredients having many decades of clinical studies on their anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects.  Beyond pain relief, many of the ingredients in our product also been studied for decades for their anti-cancer properties. Our product does not contain parabins, synthetic preservatives, phalates, toxic chemicals, or animal ingredients. 

The Step-1 Scrub in Biomechanic Labs 2-Step Pain Relief Kit isn’t just good for relieving pain.  It is also an extremely strong itch relief product.  Virtually every itch a person gets is caused from inflammation.  The Step-1 Scrub consistently takes people with severe inflammation, such as arthritis from not-moving to moving in about 1 1/2 minutes. I’m sure you can imagine now how powerful the all-natural Step-1 Scrub is for itch relief!  Only use only the Step-1 Scrub for itch relief by following the directions listed on the product. But do not apply the Step-2 Gel for.